Coordinates: 29°40'S 17°05'E

Kleinzee or Kleinsee is a small diamond mining town on the west coast of the Northern Cape province in South Africa, The town was build about 1.5km from the Atlantic Ocean. De Beers build this town for their Staff. When they stopped mining activities in 2009 the town was proclaimed and properties sold to private individuals on an action in 2013. Since then the new owners started fixing up their properties and moving in slowly. Some properties were acquired for holiday homes and the brave ones moved to Kleinzee to start a new life. In the beginning all residents had to drive to Springbok 105km for all their shopping and business.

Since 2013 the town slowly developed and can now offer at least basic and essential services.

This Semi Desert and Windy town stood up against all odds. They used to call it a ghost town but not anymore

Village just south of Grootmis, at the mouth of the Buffels River, 72 km south-east of Port Nolloth and 105 km west of Springbok. Known for its diamond-mining operations. Founded after 1927. The name is Afrikaans and means 'small sea', referring to a lagoon at the mouth of the Buffets River.

The Buffels River "flows" through Kleinsee, but most of the time it is just a dry river bed and this river only actually flows approximately every ten years.

Its main school is Kleinsee Primary School and R and pre R school

HOME SCHOOL facility and tutors available up to grade 12

Its population size generally consisted of around 2,000 residents, but was considerably reduced to 75 by the down-scaling of mining activities in 2009.                                                                           2020 the estimated population  980

 The first alluvial diamonds were found in Kleinzee, about a year after the discovery of the deposits in Alexander Bay. The Kleinsee museum covers the history of diamond mining, the natural environment and history of humankind in the area. This is an area with diverse attractions. Absorb the magnificence of nature dressed in her springtime finery…

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The towns featured on the Diamond Coast are Hondeklip Bay, Koingnaas, Kleinsee, Mc Dougall’s Bay, Port Nolloth and Alexander Bay.

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